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In case you haven't heard yet, Yankees ace Chien-Ming Wang hurt his foot bad while running the bases on Sunday. Yankee fans all over condemned the National League for allowing pitchers to actually "bat" and "run the bases" like those menial position players.

Since Yankees fans may be upset with the recent injury to their ace Chien-Ming Wang I decided to try and cheer them up...By posting juvenile newspaper headlines! FUCK YEAH

Let's face it, penis jokes are inherently funny to anyone no matter what age, sex, race or economic class they are. When someone's name can be easily confused with a part of the genitalia, it's hilarious. Especially if it is a prominent Taiwanese Major League pitcher.

Let's pretend that a 7th grader was the editor of a major newspaper. Or if thats too difficult, pretend that you are the editor of the New York Post. The Yankees Ace goes down with an injury during the game and now you need to make a compelling headline that will grab peoples attention. This is what I came up with.

Please leave some of your headline ideas in the comment section as long as there somewhat amusing.

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