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Do the Yankees Get "Tight" When They Play The Red Sox?

Trading 140 character ruminations with fellow NY Sports fans on Twitter Thursday evening led me into a mini conversation with Sports Illustrated writer Jimmy Traina. He made as interesting tweet that I felt compelled to respond to. Here is what transpired.

Jimmy mentions 2004, the year when the Yankees were up 3-0 in the ALCS to the Red Sox before succumbing to 4 straight losses and losing to the eventual curse-breaking World Series champions.

The question is, have the Yankees played tight, or by Traina's words, choked whenever they played the Red Sox since 2004? It is an ironic twist of fate if that is the case. Are the Bronx Bombers now playing second fiddle to a team that they historically dominated in the 20th century - only to behave like a nervous 8th grader trying to touch his first ever booby in his parents basement.

If you mutter something like that in New York. You can pretty much count on some Italian guy named Vinny Cappicola reminding you that Yankees have won "27 World Championships!" in his thick Staten island accent. Looking at the stats since 2004, it doesn't appear that the Yankees have played the Red Sox tight at all. But if you look at the results this year, the Yankees have had their share of issues.

Here are the regular season series results since they played that infamous 2004 series.

2005 Yankees 10 - Red Sox 9
2006 Yankees 11 - Red Sox 8
2007 Yankees 10 - Red Sox 8
2008 Yankees 9 - Red Sox 9
2009 Yankees 1 - Red Sox 9

Clearly, the Red Sox have had the overall edge in the postseason winning the 2007 World Series. But in head to head regular season matchups - where the atmosphere rivals most playoffs games - the Yankees have had the advantage until this year.

How do you think the Yankees have fared against the Red Sox since that 2004 series?

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not well,but this team is different in almost any way, depth of bullpen, depth of bench, starting pitching.
boston however has no manny, no ortiz, more erratic pitching.
I'm sick of hearing how other teams can improve one season to another, but the yankees are the same "chokers" since 2004? the only people who are the same on this team are their best.
He didnt slide cuz Pedroia CUT THE THROW so Posada thought he'd try to get the runner at 2nd but then he threw home..... STFU.
Just because the throw was cut off doesn't mean you don't slide. Melky was giving him the slide signal, therefore you follow your teammates instructions. My pinky finger knows more about baseball then you and everybody you've ever met in your life combined.

With that said, thanks for joining the site GOYANKS. I look forward to seeing you attempt to argue with me in the future


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