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How You SANCHIZE the Steelers & WIN in Pittsburgh

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If you recognize my name, then you know how painful it must be for me to be writing this article. Actually it's not that bad. As a Giant fan, I do not hate the Jets. I do tend to dislike most of their fans. Most JETS fans are whiny, annoying, and have this false sense of bravado that has come from years of winning  losing? I don't get it. That however does not mean that I cannot be objective when discussing the possibility of the JETS reaching the Super Bowl and winning the whole enchilada. After watching the JETS beat the Colts and dismantle New England (both on the road) I thought: They surely can't beat the Steelers too....can they? The answer is of course they can. The next obvious question is HOW? The answer is simple..you SANCHIZE them. With 4 Road Playoff wins in his first 2 years, Mark Sanchez is already the all-time leader in that category. (Wins on the Road in Playoffs.) That bizarre stat means that if you can SANCHIZE you can win. See below on what SANCHIZE-ING means.


S- Stopping the Run. Much of the JETS success in this post season has been allowing the teams they have played a little more running space than normal.  This has been due to the 2 Hall of Fame QB's they have played: Brady, Manning. Against Pittsburgh, they have to stop the Steeler Rushing attack. The reason: Rush = Time of Possession, and you can't let Pitt Control the clock. In week 15 against the JETS: Mendenahall rushed 17 times for 99 yds and a TD. While the Steelers lost this game, they will assuredly try and attack the JETS with a heavier does of Mendenhall.


A- Attacking the Secondary: Yes the Steelers have Polamalu back. Yes they were 5th in the League with 25 Interceptions.  But the Steelers defense was #1 against the run. You are not going to run the ball against Pittsburgh.  In 2010 Pitt Allowed 22 TD's. 5 came against the run 15 via pass.  With Braylon, Santonio & Cotchery they have to attack the secondary. 


N- No Turnovers from Sanchez. When they win he doesn't throw picks. When they lose he throws a bunch.  I hate writing limit turnovers but it's crucial in this game.  The Jets have done a great Job this post season of limiting Turnovers. Against a team that is so adept at Intercepting, (see above) Sanchez has to be smart, and Schotty has to give him more outlet valves/ dumpoff than normal.


C- Cromartie Factor. Has there been a bigger player who has made a bigger impact on the this Post Season than Cromartie? Ok maybe Revis, but I think Cromartie's impact is more important. Cromartie's Kick-off and Punt returns have been crucial to the JETS being here. Without his run back against the Colts the JETS may have been 1 and done. Rex has a huge decision to make regarding Cro. He'll probably but CRO on Mike Wallace and that  match up will be HUGE.  Last time they squared off Wallace caught 7 for 102. If Rex decides to put Revis on Wallace, then CRO will have to play either Sanders or Hines Ward. In order for the JETS to win, they need CRO to have a good game defensively, and give them good field position as often as possible on Special teams.


H- Heinz Field= Horrible for Kickers so: Hit Field Goals: If you are a football fan you may remember this, if you are a Jet Fan older than 7 years old, you definitely remember this. Doug Brien's twin misses -- the first time in NFL postseason history a player missed two field-goal attempts in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter. That secured the JETS loss to the Steelers in the 2004 Division game. Everyone knows its hard to kick field goals at Heinz Field. But with two evenly matched teams chances are a Field Goal could win it, tie it, lose it or at the least be important. Do you trust Nick Folk? 


I- Imbecile Plays: Every team has an imbecile. You know the guy that continues to make dumb plays to either extend drives for the opposing team,  extend a game while their team is ahead and can run the clock. The worst in my opinion are the imbecile plays that cause crucial turnovers see Patrick Chung Fake Punt.....Each team has one of these morons: For the Steelers its James Harrison aka "Mr. Helmet to Helmet" one late hit on Sanchez, or a Helmet to Helmet on a defenseless receiver could lead to an extended drive. For the JETS it's more of fighting human nature. Hey Shonn, no need to score a TD when you can run the clock out on the game. see 4th QTR. Also see Cromartie on returning an onside kick, I mean really. Did you want the PATS to win?  Cro was also guilty of this when he hovered over a punt that he was obviously not going to return and came so close to touching it that CBS showed 3 slo-mo replays. Also, JETS defense instead of kicking fumbles, fall on them (See Woodhead/Brady no Fumble recoveries)


Z- Zone success. The JETS fooled the shit out of Belichick in New England. They outfoxed him by giving the Patriots a lot of Zone looks. They had 3 down lineman for many plays and mixed up the zone coverages to confuse Brady. It's why the Patriots ran the ball a zillion time on the drive to Nowheresville, MA in the fourth Quarter. With an underrated yet explosive receiving corps, the JETS may need to rely on some Zone to defend the speed of Wallace, the slants of Hines Ward and the craftiness of Emmanuel Sanders.  


E- Eliminate Mike Wallace. I have referred to this guy in a few of my points above. Maybe it's because he was on my Fantasy team, maybe its because he has become a legitimate top tier receiver in the NFL.  Here are some facts.  Led NFL in catches longer than 20yds & 40yards. Top 5 in NFL in receiving yards & receiving TD's. Also fastest football player in NFL (disputed).  Off all the players I would focus on it would be Wallace.  If they allow him to get deep the JETS will lose this game. I'd Jam him at the line (don't miss) and give Cromartie safety help all day. By all costs the JETS need to Eliminate Wallace. 


If the JETS are able to accomplish the above they have a chance at beating the Steelers and a good one. If the they don't SANCHIZE the Steelers, they will lose.


Steelers 17, JETS  24


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Obligatory Mets hate in the first paragraph I see. 


I actually still think you need to have Revis on Ward for most of the time, but not all the time. Similar to how he was used in the Pats game on a few different receivers. 


I honestly do not trust nick folk in any way, shape or form, I don't trust him to pick me up at the train station. I don't trust him to feed my cat while I'm away on business. I don't trust him to make a 22 yards FG. 


I very much agree with "I" - the Jets can't make those same types of thoughtless mistakes vs. B&Y


Nice job, like this a lot


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