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The Answer to the Ultimate Mets Conundrum: Yankees Or Phillies?

Setting: October 25th 2009 approx. 11:00pm EST. Flushing, New York.

The Earth's ground splits into a crevice revealing the fiery pits of Hell while Lucifer himself towers over an open gate holding a scroll with millions of names on it. The Angel of Darkness is wearing something between his prickly horns...Is that a red baseball cap? He is also wearing a white shirt that...Are those pinstripes? Wait, he is about to say something...

"Welcome to the 2009 World Series Mets fans! Muhahahahahahahahaha!"

That is a pretty accurate reenactment of what transpired when the Yankees clinched the American League pennant and secured themselves a World Series Match up against the Philadelphia Phillies - according to die hard Mets fans.

Unless you stumbled across this website while looking for porn, then you are well aware of the fact that the Phillies and the Yankees are two of the most hated teams for a Mets fan. The Mets fan despises the Phuckin Phillies because they are in the same division as the Mets and have dominated this said division for the past 3 years. All while disposing the Blue and Orange in the process.

The Mets fan hate for the Yankees is a little more complicated then just being inferior and unfortunate. Some Mets fans don't like the Yankees due to the constant, general proximity they have to the snobbish, obnoxious, and abhorrent Yankees fan. Whether you work with one, are in the same family as one, or worst of all, are married to one - there is no hiding the fact that as a Mets fan you will at some moment in the day come in contact with a Yankee fan. And that moment will most certainly suck. Some Mets fans do not care for the Yankees just because of jealousy. Mets fans are envious of the Yankees 26 World Series wins and 40 AL championships. Or maybe the jealousy stems from the Yankees seemingly unlimited bankroll or roster built the same way you build your fantasy team. Either way, this envy frequently transforms into hate. New York is a big city, but it's tough to share a living room TV screen or the back page of a newspaper with the other team.
So it comes to down to this. Who should a Mets fan root for? Myself, as NYsportsGUY is obligated to root for the Yankees over the Phillies or any NY sports team over any random team. It is not even a question when playing a hated rival. I'm not MetSportsGUY or NYJetsBOY. If a NY team is in the World Series, I root for them. Yes I am a Mets fan all the way through the good and the bad, but the bottom line is, what's good for the city I call home is good for me.

Mets fan or Yankees fan. We are all New Yorkers at heart. The Phillies are the enemy. They are the team we play 19 times a year. The team that stands in the way of the the moderate success that is the NL East division title. Cole Hamels is the one who said the Mets are "chokers". Jimmy Rollins is the guy who teases our team and chuckles at the fact that we have the moxie to proclaim, "We are the team to beat". Shane Victorino is the one who slides into Jose Reyes' brittle body and who I also heard doesn't pick up his dog's droppings (true story). They are really the ones who stand in the way of true Mets success and that is truly what a Mets fan should care about.

In reality, what have the Yankees done to Mets fans besides that one forgettable World Series? Sure, their fans are made up of mostly band wagoners like Maria from Westchester "OH MY GAWWWD, I FUCKIN LOVE JETTAH!!" or Tony Bagadonuts from Bergen County who couldn't name their starting rotation if his Bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich depended on it. But you know what? All sports teams have that band wagon fan base whether its the Yankees or the Toledo Mud Hens.

There are Yankees fans out there who are true, knowledgeable baseball fans who stick with their team and know their shit. They really aren't any different from a Mets fan when you think about it. They deal with the same NY bullshit as us and haven't won anything recently either. You know if the Mets were playing the Red Sox in the World Series, then 100% of Yankees fans root for the Mets to win.

The point of all this is - Don't be a envious Mets fan. Be a New York fan. Even if it is only for one week. As irritating as those Yankees fan co-workers, family members, and spouses can be, it would be unjustly selfish to wish on them the same Mets fan misery that we are to used to enduring.

What is your opinion on the matter?
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