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October 2008 Blog Posts (8)

NSFW? The Only Good Thing About the Phillies

My buddy took this picture outside of Citizens Bank Park before game 5 started. It was incredibly rainy that night...um...this shirt might not have existed after that point. Sad I am not.

Damn Phucks with there shirt making machines.

I am not sure if I like or hate this one, I'll just go with hate because that's what bitter Mets fans do best

Check out more… Continue

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A Weekend of Phuckin BS - Phillips and Phillies

Great football games for NY this week don't really make up for the fact that the Phillies are on the brink of winning the World Series and essentially bringing Hell to earth for Mets fans.

You would think that with Brett Favre on the Jets now it would make watching them more enjoyable than the boring-a-thons that we had indulge in the… Continue

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New Off Shore Surfing Program "JOIN FOR "FREE"


There is a new surf program called Ad Gate World. However, this program is operating outside of the United States which means the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) cannot interfere!

For a lot of people, the only question on their mind at this point is "HOW DO I SIGN UP??" Well, if you have an upline that you want to keep in tact, please sign up under that person. However, since this opportunity is independent of others, you may choose to join under the leader who… Continue

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The Internet's Hidden "GEM"

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As Jets Begin to Suck More, I Begin to Have False Hope in the Knicks

So now that the Jets are 3-3, My predictions of Jet Favre's effect on the Jets success, or lack there of, has been pretty much accurate thus far.

Being that I am primarily a hoops fan over any sport and I am a Knicks fan over any other team (yes even the Mets), I am going to have a fart-in-the-wind prayer that they will be contenders not horrible this… Continue

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5 Reasons Why It Was a Good Thing That the Giants Lost

While at a bar with some hot bitches on the Upper West Side of Manhattan Monday night, I was able watch the Giants get pulverized by The Browns offense. Remnant Cleveland followers gleefully cheered after frustrated Giants fans watched Eli throw his 3rd pick. It is apparent that Coughlin didn't follow any of… Continue

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Favre's Idea of Comedy - Put Dead Turkey In Teammates Locker

Brett Favre has been known as a prankster ever since he first started playing football in 1943. His latest victim, Jets LB Eric Barton, happened to find a "surprise" in his locker. When I say "surprise," I really mean "a bloody wild animal corpse." Its all relative.

Here's a quote from the NYTimes Blog

Barton could not… Continue

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Sarcasm: An Average Morning in New York City

I moved to NYC for the action, drama, and random circumstance that makes it so desultory living here. I got my share of weirdness this morning before I even walked into my office.

It starts of immediately when I stepped out of my apartment building door today. I had a suit on because I have an off-site meeting and I had my rent check in my hand as well. A very odd girl and I had the following conversation...

Odd Girl: Hey look at you Mr. Handsome wearing a… Continue

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