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Breaking Up with Jose Reyes

One of my favorite Mets of all time, Jose Reyes, will be wearing this putrid Miami Marlins uniform when the 2012 MLB season gets underway. Jose Reyes and the New York Mets fans had a union. A partnership.…


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Are the Mets Intentionally Keeping Jose Reye$ In the Minors Longer Than He Needs To Be?

Jose Reyes is the only reason to attend a Mets game at Citifield. Unless of course, you are a fan of the visiting team. 


It was announced on Tuesday that…


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Why Wright is Wrong for the Mets

I realize that already, many of you have scoffed at the title of this article, and some of you Wright fanatics have already mentally cursed me out merely for writing such “blasphemy.” But, with the rumors that a trade of either Wright or Reyes may occur at some point this season or offseason, it’s time to…


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Hate: 10 Reasons to Dislike Jason Bay

Jason Bay is well on his way to going down as one of the worst free agent signings in Mets history.

Some people would suggest that Oliver Perez, Vince Coleman, Bobby Bonilla or Luis Castillo would be the worst and those people might be correct. WHO KNOWS, you might be one of those people. One thing about…


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Can a Yankees Fan Transform Into a Mets Fan Overnight?

If you live in New York and are interested in baseball, aligning yourself with the proper team is perhaps the most important decision you can ever make in your life. Today the debate is simple. Are you a Yankees Fan or are you a Mets Fan?


In the 1950's the debate was a lot more difficult.…


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For the Wilpons, Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Dear Mr. and Mr. Wilpon,


Enough is enough already.  We Mets fans understand that, at one time, you had enough money to bring this team back from the abyss.  You brought in Pedro Martinez, which led to the signing of Beltran, which, combined with…


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Live Event: The Art Of Televised Baseball - Jan 25th in Astoria

We all love to watch Gary, Keith, Ron, and Kevin Burkhardt on SNY during the baseball season. Whether its Gary's smooth baritone voice calling the play by play, Keith's witty banter and in game experience, Ron's expert analysis, or Kevin's interesting interruptions - they make watching basball games…


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Sandy Alderson's First Day


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Sandy Alderson's First Day as Mets GM


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10 Things the Father-In-Law Might Have Said to Trigger K-Rod's Outburst

Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez beat up his common law wife's father after the Mets lost a game he didn't even appear in. I was pondering how some athletes could be so dense sometimes like I do every Thursday evening when it came to me - K-Rod must have been antagonized pretty aggressively in order to just beat up a family member at his place of employment. The Daily… Continue

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5 Reasons Why Mets Fans Should Be Confident at the All Star Break

Mets fans know a lot of things. Most notably turmoil, misery, agitation, distress, anger, anxiousness, despair, gloom, agony, torment, unhappiness, suffering, and heartache to name a few.

But no matter what emotion we are currently evoking, there is one consistency… Continue

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Lady Gaga Visits Citifield - Photos with Captions!

Lady Gaga visited Citifield when the Padres were in town. I heard it was just a typical day at the ball park. Gaga did have some interesting things to say about the current state of the Mets.…


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Omar's Check To Oliver Perez

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Conversation Between Wright and HoJo During Batting Practice

Setting: Flushing, New York, Citifield Baseball Park, Batting practice
Date: Month of May, 2010
Conversation: Between The Mets 3rd baseman and the Hitting Coach…


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Prediction: Dillon Gee will be in the Mets rotation sooner than later

Since John Maine has given up 15 runs in his 1st 3 starts and is generally atrocious, the Mets may consider bringing up a young man by the name of Dillon Gee. Check out Gee's stats over his 1st two starts while pitching for the Mets Triple A affiliate, the Buffalo Bisons.

Whats promising about those numbers is that he hasn't given up 15 runs in 3 games, in fact he hasn't given up any while compiling a minuscule WHIP of .46

John Maine's a great guy and everything… Continue

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10 Positive Prophecies for the 2010 Mets

Since the Mets won on Opening Day, let's ride this virtuous wave until we face plant into the sand, lose our swim trunks, and inevitably reveal to the world our cold, cruel, pasty white shrinkage that is the 2010 Mets team.

One thing Mets fans love to do is overreact to every possible thing the organization does. For example, the Mets sign Manny Acosta off waivers to a minor league contract and "WHAT THE HELL, this guy is a COMPLETE and… Continue

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2010 Mets Season Prediction & Timeline

I wish i could take responsibility for this Pulitzer Prize of Journalism. It's so fantastic that I will post this. As a Lifelong Yankee fan, I don't hate the Mets. I feel bad for them. I think its the colors. (Knicks, Islanders, Mets) You know something is a sad state of affairs when the Islanders have the most titles of any of those teams. Anyhow thought you'd all get a laugh… Continue

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Drunken Argument - Optimistic Mets Fan Vs. Pessimistic Mets Fan

When New Yorkers think of February, the first thing that comes to mind is - February is absolutely horrendous because there are no good sports on at all PLUS it's freezing out. Throw in snow, taxes, and Valentines Day and you might as well pack it in until March Madness.

A solid way to pack it in is to consume alcohol until your blue in the balls face. If you have trouble…

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You Gotta Believe...That the '86 Mets Were Not Sober While Filming This

Some Quick Thoughts

- That apple that girl is going to eat is filthy after being in Mookies glove.

- They are stretching their necks in the woods. WTF

- That smoking scene precisely depicts the moment I began to smoke...meandering around Shea stadium in a full out Mets pinstripe uni. I should have denied the cigarette like those children did. SonOfaBitch!

- That guy in a lab coats… Continue

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Read Why Boston Herald Columnist Steve Buckley is an Imbecile

My New Years resolution this year - Refrain from reading the sports sections of brink-of-bankruptcy newspaper websites. Especially when they are 2nd rate publications that are barely capable of being ranked in the top 4 most circulated newspapers in their region.

Boston Herald columnist Steve Buckley should stick to doing what Boston writers do best. Whining about Dustin Pedroia's declining stats, making excuses for Tom Brady, and preparing abhorrent comments about Mike Cameron…

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