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The Pink Slip Protest-Fire Isiah Rally in Front of MSG

Here are some exclusive pictures that no news source on the internet has right now (12:15pm EST)My roommate works at 1 Penn Plaza and was able to snap the photos you see here of the rally

Outside of Madison Square Garden, there is a protest that a dentist from Long Island Organized. He shares the same sediments as myself and many every other Knicks Fan out there.

Isiah Thomas needs to get fired.

Since most of us are not a child in a grown mans body who epitomizes nepotism to the umpteenth degree, we cannot fire Isiah Thomas. Instead we will skip pulling teeth for a day, or take an hour off from a busy day at work to write a blog, or in my roommates case, take pictures of the protest and send them to your roommate who is writing a blog during work.

The protest began around 11AM, and will feature plenty of props. Among them, an eight-foot-by-four-foot cardboard pink slip pictured above.

The Dentist/protest organizer says...

"I’m getting disgusted," said Nathan, who is 67. "And James Dolan is not going to do a darn thing. We hope we have thousands of people. It’ll be a beautiful sight to see."

The group has told the Police Department that the demonstration will probably include about 15 people, said Officer Martin Brown, a police spokesman, and last for about 30 minutes.

From what I can see from my roommates photo, a lot more than 15 people showed up and he sent me the pictures at around 12:15pm, which means that it lasted longer than 30 minutes

For more info about the protest go to

Sporting News

NY Times

CBS News

Yo Mommas House

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Comment by TheRangersSuck on December 19, 2007 at 4:21pm
The Knicks suck @ss anyway...at least fire him for that! The photo of the day on their stupid website is from the 15th and shows Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz...'nuff said.

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