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27 One Liners- 27 Things The Yankees Need To Do To Capture World Series Number 27

After capturing their 40th American League Pennant last night, and their 1st at the New Yankee Stadium, the chance to win a 27th World Series Championship is officially in reach. Immediately after watching C.C Sabathia collect his ALCS MVP award (Should have shared it with A-ROD) I started thinking about what the Yankees needed to do to win a best-of-seven series against that team that resides 2 hours south on the NJ Turnpike; The Philadelphia Phillies. I flashed back to a interleague game over the summer in which the Philly faithful showed up in abundance at Yankee Stadium. They took 2 out of 3 that series, and the classy Philadelphia faithful started hootin & hollerin like they won the World Series. Let me state this for the record, I strongly dislike Every team that comes from Philadelphia. That being said, I respect this Phillies team and think that they are damn good. In order for the New York Yankees to win these are the 27 Things that I will be looking at.

27.) Get To Cliff Lee Early in Game 1: On 6+ Days of Rest for his career , Cliff Lee has Started 26 Games. His Line: 146.1 IP; 8-9; 4.40 ERA; 1.35 WHIP
26.) Burnett vs. Hamels Their stuff when on, is really filthy. They are slated to face off in Game 3. Yankees must win this battle.
25.) Get into The Phillies Bullpen- Their struggles have been talked about. My only question for Phllies fans; Do you trust Park, Eyre, Durbin, Madson and Lidge against the Most Potent Offense in the Majors.
24.) Goliath vs Goliath or A-Rod vs. Ryan Howard - A-Rod's hot, Howard has been a bonafide post-season monster. Whichever team gets more production from its star will win.
23.) Take Advantage of the Extra Outs- Call it Aura or Mystique. Dropped flies, misplaying bunts, base running mistakes; The Yanks have punished opponents who commit these errors. Will The trend continue?
22.)Slumping Thumper: After 29 HR's in the Regular season; Going 4-32 in the ALDS & ALCS, will Swisher break out of his slump?
21.) Best Shortstops in the Game- They both hit lead-off, they are both the leaders in the clubhouse. They are the most recognizable faces for their respective organizations. Who will have the better series?
20.) Victorino, Utley, Werth, Rollins vs. Molina & Posada:After stealing 99 bases in the regular season, it is important to limit the SB opportunities. Jorge only threw out 28% of attempted basestealers this year. Pettite's pickoff move should help the Yankees accomplish this.

19.)2.56 vs 2.93: What's that you ask? Oh Only Homeruns per game at Citizens Bank & Yankee Stadium respectively. No real advantage for either team. Should be fun to watch. (Side note I was at the game where Raul Ibanez blasted one 477ft. It was the farthest ball I have ever seen hit.
18.) DH vs. Pitchers Hitting: Well the DH is always a distinct advantage for the AL team, this year I cant wait to watch Carsten Charles face off vs his former teammate Cliff lee in Game 4 (possibly) CC's career hitting stats: 88 AB's, .261, 3 HR's, 13 RBI's. Not bad at all.
17.) Managerial Decisions: Baseball is the 2nd Guessers sport. Both Managers have made their mistakes. For Girardi its been the Bullpen management and late game strategy that has provided some nervousness from this guy but for friends like Capt Kris...he thinks Charlie goes with his gut too much. So I want Girardi to use instinct, and Kris wants Charlie to use less. Should be a hair raising experience.
16.) Forgetting The Past: 3.2 IP, 4 BB's, 6ER= 12.27 ERA, & one loss for CC against the Phillies in last years NLDS. This CANNOT happen again.
15.) Yankee Fans vs. Phillies Fans: Ok I am biased. But really, are there any worse fans in sports than the fans in Philadelphia? Phillies fans and hatred is so bad even the METS fans are rooting for the Yankees.
14-10.) Dan's A Factors: These next 4 are lumped in as one, because in my opinion these 4 match ups will determine who wins. I call them A-Factors because at somepoint they have been, or will be considered elite players. The question is who will have the better series Victorino& Utley or Cano & Damon? It's simple. These guys are going to be up in many run producing moments. Whoever has the better series will give their team a superb chance of winning.
9.) The Battle of The Bench: For the Phillies it will be Dobbs, Stairs, & Francisco (NL Parks) For the Yankees it will be Gardner & Hairston. Matsui will be available in NL Parks. The Phils have the advantage here, power wise. The Yankees have the edge with speed.
8.) Extra Motivation: The Phillies want to be remembered as one of the all time great teams. Repeating will help you get there. The Yankees want to win one more for The Boss, the New Stadium and to prove that their spending was worth it.
7.)Who's your Daddy: "I guess I just have to tip my cap and call the Yankees my daddy" Pedro is undoubtedly a Hall of Famer. But the Yankees weren't scared of him when he was in his prime, and this "magical run" may come to an end against a real line-up as opposed to the scrubs he's been facing.
6.) Ticket Prices: Well Philly fans if you want to watch a game in Philly you better be prepared to pay 2x the $$$ that Yankee fans will. (via Stubhub) While Yankee Stadium will be making all sorts of chants, and screams the Ball Park in Philly should be a bunch of corporate jerk-offs. How's that for a switcheroo.
5.)Star Power: Why is Kate Hudson a key to this series?...Well ever since A-Rod has dipped the old pen in ink, he has been...ok no jinxing but seriously keep her away from the Phillies.
4.) The Weather: On the East Coast this time of year, anything can happen. The 3 Man Rotation has worked for the Yankees, but if it starts raining during the mid innings, Guys like Blanton and Gaudin will have to be ready.
3.) It's Been 6 Years: In 2001, & 2003 I thought and I'm sure the Yankees thought they would be back in sooner than 6 years. The wait has been long (obnoxious I know) but I've gotten the sense all year that the Yankees are focused. They are ready to go to war for 27!
2.)The Phillies Fanatic: Dear Rally Monkey, Yuppi, other mascots & especially this guy . Mascots have no place in a Major League Game. I think the Phillies will lose one game at least due to this green whateverthehellitis.
1.) AROD VS MADSON/LIDGE Not sure when its going to happen, or if it even will. A-Rod has mashed off of Nathan and then Fuentes. Will the Phillies closer(s) go after A-Rod or pitch to him?

This series has all the makings of a classic. Teams on short rest have generally fared better than teams with 3+ days. The teams on short have WON 4 out of 7.


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Comment by Suzanne Horn on October 27, 2009 at 1:57pm
In addition to continuing the strong performances by CC & Arod, the yankees really need consistent pitching by the bullpen and contributions from Swisher, Damon, and Matsui to make the difference in the series. The lineup needs to be strong all the way down the order. Yankees already know how to hit a ball and play strong defense. No one is better at 1st base than Tex. Also, the yankees proved that they know how to capitalize on defensive mistakes of the opposing teams. Obviously I'm predicting a yankees win but a challenging series.
Comment by Julia on October 27, 2009 at 10:02am
Great points Dan. I agree, CC should have shared his trophy with A-tone... Star power ink or whatever, he's hot this year.

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