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5 Reasons Why Mets Fans Should Be Confident at the All Star Break

Mets fans know a lot of things. Most notably turmoil, misery, agitation, distress, anger, anxiousness, despair, gloom, agony, torment, unhappiness, suffering, and heartache to name a few.

But no matter what emotion we are currently evoking, there is one consistency among all of them.


So where do the Mets stand at the All Star Break? I'd like to contend that they are in a position that should induce an emotion that is unfamiliar for Mets fans - Confidence. Here's why.

5) Angel in the Right field He has had a incredible season thus far. With a .315 average and a .373 on base percentage, Angel has taken advantage of the opportunity for full playing time while having a tremendous impact. When I interviewed him last season, it was apparent that he had a passion for the game that instilled confidence in not only his game but the others around him. The fact that he will continue to play even though Beltran is coming back is a testament to his hard work and commitment to winning.
4) 3.76 Team ERA The most ostensible weakness of the Mets roster before the season began was its starting pitching. The primary reason why they have exceeded albeit low expectations was because of the injuries to Maine and Perez and emergence of Niese and Dickey. Although Johan had his 2nd quarter swoon, he ends the 1st half seemingly ready to have one his patented monster 2nd halves. BIG PELF's success is key to the Mets future success. I hope that he was only fatigued in his last 5 starts accumulating a bloated 6.96 ERA and 2.13 WHIP. I am confident the break will provide him with the rest needed to come out fresh and ready.
3) Ahead of the Phillies If I would have told you in April that the Mets would be in front of the Phillies in the standings at the All Star Break, would you have believed me or would you have kicked me in the junk? The only way you would have agreed is if you are 11 years old and/or erupting with gratuitous optimism. Yes, Larry and the Braves are in 1st place leading the pack but nevertheless, the Mets are right in the hunt and should have the mental fortitude to continue pushing all the way through September.
2) Injury Free What happened last year with the Mets has left scars on all the fans. Ugly scars that make little kids cry when they glance at it. We deserve the proverbial Mederma application otherwise known as a healthy season. At the commencement of the 2nd half, all major Mets contributors (note: contributor, not player Ollie) will be healthy and ready to reign havoc on the rest of the NL. But there is one key player to all of this...
1) Carlos Beltran Shocking? Not at all. But you can't tell me that his potential impact on the team is the extremely important to the team having the utmost confidence in their talent and ability. Beltran, when healthy and clicking on all cylinders, is a top 5 MLB position player. In his last full season, Carlos amassed a 57.6 VORP which ranked 12th in the Majors. That's 57 more runs than his replacement player i.e. Jeff Francouer. If the Mets scored 57 more runs in the first half how much better would they be? Tied for 1st? In 1st place in the NL East? Best Record in the NL? And that doesn't even take into effect his defensive prowess.

This isn't a blog that's going to make some radical proclamation about how the Mets are going to run a train on the rest of the Division. With the way that the last few seasons has gone, it would be easy to think that this team is going to be irrelevant come September. I believe that things will be different this year according to the reasons above. I just need us Mets fans to channel our passion into something positive, confidence.

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