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It's been a while since I've written anything on NYSS. One, because I started a new job. Two, because there has been nothing positive to write about regarding the NY G-MEN.  Was I suppose to write about all of their miraculous free agent moves? Their ability to keep players healthy? No, no, NO. Maybe the fact that they looked like a well oiled machine vs. Sexy Rexy and the Redskins on Sunday.  I'll try to explain some of this bullshit in this blog but I'm not making any promises.  If you are looking for hard hitting statistics, don't read this. This is going to be a Giants fan who is 5 6 beers deep, venting about the muck & mire this team is currently in...


Off Season

This should be quick.  I'll start with the few positives, re-signing Bradshaw.  It's clear at this point Jacobs needs to split carries throughout the course of the game/season.  Another bright point was having Da'rel Scott make the squad.  As of right now he is the future of this back field, he's explosive and going back to a running back trio might be the best thing with the looks of our passing game. Signing Mark Herzlich, this mother fucker is tough as shit, not only beating cancer but seeing him in his limited preseason action gave me a half-stack.  Lastly, Tyler Sash making the squad.  Maybe I'm just a sucker for white athletes, but these two guys will hopefully make an impact sooner than later.  The negatives, pretty easy losing Steve Smith and Kevin Boss.  Eli is like a lost kid in a department store without these two, looking around asking people where his parents are and shit.  


Jerry Palmieri (Giants stength Coach)

Some of our injuries have been tragic i.e. Terrell Thomas, you don't want to see that happen to anyone, honestly he shouldn't have been on the field with 20 seconds left in the first half in a preseason game,it's fucking tragic! We have had our share of bad luck, but when do you hire a new asshole to train people you are paying millions of dollars too, who are dropping like flies?  The last two seasons, especially late in the season we have been getting destroyed by injuries.  The O-Line/receivers last year, the linebackers/D-Line/Secondary this year it's absurd.  Something needs to be done ASAP. Getting rid of Jerry Palmieri would be a great start.  Otherwise at the end of the year it will be Tom Coughlin/Gilbride, which may not be a bad thing at this point either. Perry Fewell would be a great fit to man this ship.(Cracking Beer 7)


Week 1

See above Eli Comment.  The passing game looked like shit, Bradshaw/Jacobs combined for less than 80 yards, secondary got picked apart. JPP looked sick as shit (beer 8/9, budlight tall boy) we should trade Osi for a linebacker, he's nuthin but trouble at this point, wanna be hold out(that didn't work) pussy.  I'm not making sense I just realized, long story short, the Giants injuries and lack of depth are a combination for a long season.


In closing, I really think 8-8 is a realistic record. I'm not sure what else to say, hope for the best expect the worst?  If we lose to the Rams next week the season's already over.


Blog Grade B-

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Comment by G-MAN on September 14, 2011 at 9:17pm
I wish it wasn't true about 8-8. But the Giants don't suck Sanchez does.  There is a difference, the Giants are plagued by injuries and bad management decisions.  Sanchez just sucks
Comment by NYsportsGUY on September 14, 2011 at 2:14pm

I'll give a a solid B for the Eli department store line. Anytime you can compare eli to a confused child you take that shit. I would have also accepted "Child entering the middle of a movie with no idea of whats going on" line.


but yeah the Giants suck. 8-8 is likely and unacceptable to Giants fans for sure.

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