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Pat Ewing Wants Mark Jackson to Be the Knicks Head Coach, But What About Calipari?

The most reliable news source in the world, the NY Post has learned that Patrick Ewing endorses former running mate Chris Mark Jackson to be the next coach of the Knicks...

"Whatever Mark chooses to do, he will do fine in it," Ewing said. "Mark's a New Yorker, has a New York swagger. Whether coaching, front-office, he'd do an outstanding job." Ewing says

In my humble yet very negative opinion, the Knicks do not need another former point guard with no credible experience as a coach again. Although I wouldn't doubt that Mark would do better than Isiah as coach, I wouldn't doubt that about any person, monkey, dolphin or living organism with a brain bigger than a over sized prostate to do better than Thomas.

The Post also speculates that the following people are potential candidates for the Knicks head coaching job.

"Jackson is emerging as a top candidate. Rick Carlisle, Scott Skiles, Herb Williams may get interviewed, and Memphis coach John Calipari, on the verge of winning a national title, could have interest, too. Calipari is close friends with Larry Brown, a Walsh ally."

Calipari is interesting because of his unique style of offense, known as the "dribble-drive motion offense", where it does not rely on pick-setters and post men who clog up the paint but instead tries to keep the middle clear, give the ball to play makers on the perimeter and let them penetrate for layups or kick out to guys who come open.

The Knicks would certainly love to draft the very talented Derrick Rose to commandeer this offense. Everyone who has watched the NCAA tournament knows that this kid is a straight baller. His size and quickness would ideally translate well to the NBA and in my humble yet positive opinion has the ability to be a Dwayne Wade type player with the ability to pass and do cell phone commercials better.

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