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HATE: Mike Lupica Isn't Familiar With Reality Like Us Bloggers

Many bloggers and sports writers alike have shown there disdain and even flat out hate for the blowhard sports media personality, Mike Lupica.

Lupica is well known for stirring up sports related controversies with his ridiculously biased opinions. He couples this with a smug attitude that most people, especially the young, blogging, new media type audience finds suffocating.

His most recent article on the Daily News website calls for Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez to "Step it Up as the days wind down"

For the majority of the article he goes on sappingly (word?) about how the Yankees need to make the playoffs because it is the last year at Yankees stadium and that they need people to step up because its the last year at....well, you get the point. His reasoning is that A-Rod needs to put this team on his shoulders and lead them to the promised land because of all the money he makes. We don't ask Mike Lupica to write interesting or thought-provoking articles because he gets paid a bunch of moneys do we? (Yes, I realize the irony of that last sentence being that I am writing about it now)

Here is a small portion of it that is particularly insufferable...

"Once and for all, the Yankees need their biggest players to play that way against Boston and set up what still has the chance to be a memorable and dramatic September. It starts with A-Rod, who so far this season has been nothing more than a gaudy numbers-hanger and a tabloid dream..."

My point is that Lupica fails to see the reality of asking for one offensive player to make up for a season that has been devastated by injuries just because this player makes a lot of money and cheat on his wife. One home run in a game against Boston would be fine and dandy and make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside but the bottom line is that they have no starting pitching, a questionable bullpen, and a bad defense...oh yeah and everyone is injured too. Was that mentioned at all?

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