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Favre's Idea of Comedy - Put Dead Turkey In Teammates Locker

Brett Favre has been known as a prankster ever since he first started playing football in 1943. His latest victim, Jets LB Eric Barton, happened to find a "surprise" in his locker. When I say "surprise," I really mean "a bloody wild animal corpse." Its all relative.

Here's a quote from the NYTimes Blog

Barton could not remember whether it happened last week or the week before. Nor did he know exactly what kind of dead animal Favre shot (presumably), bagged and dumped inside Barton’s locker.

Some teammates believe it was a wild turkey, but regardless, they all gathered around Barton’s locker and engaged in fits of laughter. The dead animal was inside a bag that was filled with blood and guts.

I don't know about you, but nothing shows team unity like teasing your colleagues with severed animal guts. Like this one time, at my office, I paid a hobo 35 cents to clip off his fingernails so I could sprinkle them on my bosses baked potato. But that's not it, I also found a dead rat on the subway platform, put a doll dress on it, then taped it to my marketing directors mouse. Talk about irony!

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