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Do the Knicks Have the Personnel to Contend?

I didn't ask if the Knicks have the health, chemistry, coaching, or heart/guts/moxie to contend. Those are very difficult things to predict when it comes to basketball. One, or a few, of those things will be what may very well causes the Knicks to prevail or falter down the stretch of the season and in the NBA playoffs*. If you want to find good sportsbook reviews, so you can bet against the Knicks, be my guest.


*Knicks still need to make playoffs, as they're only an 8 seed with 16 games left to play. 


The question I posed is if the Knicks have the personnel to contend. Do they have the right players in place to make significant noise in the playoffs. To me, contending or making noise is getting to the Eastern Conference Finals with a minimum of 6 games played. 


NYsportSpace historians will remember this article titled, "The Knicks Need ___ to become a contender" which was typed on 2/7/2011. I encourage you to read the article, because it's f*cking awesome, but if you don't have the time, here is the main point:


"If the Knicks had a Veteran, Defensive Minded C/PF, a Backup Point GuardCarmelo Anthony, and an Alteration in Coaching Philosophy, they would become a contender"


This was before New York traded for Carmelo and Chauncey Billups.


So did the Knicks get everything I asked the Blogging Gods for? Actually, they sorta did. Let's go through it. 


Veteran, Defensive Minded C/PF? ✔ ABSOLUTELY. Our team MVP is unarguably Tyson Chandler. If you are ever DESPERATELY bored and have 15 minutes to kill, call me, and I'll tell you about how much I like Tyson Chandler. I might talk about my cat too for like, 2 of those minutes. 


Backup Point Guard? ✔ Replaced Felton then Billups with Jeremy Lin and Baron Davis. I'm confident with these two floor generals. I think it's an ideal combo of youth and experience and good enough to do what you need your point guards to do.


Carmelo Anthony? ✔ Yes we got a Carmelo Anthony...I think? We keep waiting for him to perform like he's capable of. He's struggled with his jump shot and received criticism for his 'attitude' and 'pouty faces'. That's arguable. As long as he is playing with 100% effort, we're in good shape at the SF position. 


Alteration in Coaching Philosophy? ✔ ✔ ✔ F*CK YES. Mike Woodson already has the team playing 50x harder than at anytime this season under D'Antoni. Some people like to insinuate that the players were "tanking" or playing poorly intentionally with Mike D at the realm. Even if that IS the case, it's still his fault. It is the coaches job to get the most out of the players they have. D'Antoni clearly wasn't doing that. 


This team not only has the personnel, but it has DEPTH. They have a three point shooting specialist with a great nickname (Steve Novak aka Novakaine), a ridiculously athletic shooting guard with a cool gov't name (Iman Shumpert), and a potential scoring machine with a pretty boring and basic name (Earl Smith). 


So. If you ask the question - Do the Knicks Have the Personnel to Contend? I think the answer is YES. However, it's those things I mentioned in the earlier part of article. Health, chemistry, coaching, and heart/guts/moxie that I am most worried about regarding this 2012 Knicks team. 


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