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Exclusive Photos of Cano & Melky Popping Bottles, Making Kissy Faces

NY Sport Space has some friends in high places. So high that its fairly easy to acquire some EXCLUSIVE photos of Melky Cabrera and Robbie Cano popping bottles and making kissy faces.

Although it appears they are in a living room cavorting with these mid 20's blondies - I am almost positive that the photos below are actually in a private VIP room in a club somewhere in Manhattan. My Hoboken comrades have also told me that they have seen the Dynamic Duo partying it up till the wee hours, mostly likely to reggaeton music.

As you can plainly see, everybody is in their full out "pose" mode in this one.

The photo on the left is where Melky makes kissy face with a seed box on his head. The photo on the right is the kissy face he makes when he wants to plant his seed in a box.

Melks seems as genuinely happy to be sandwiched between two blonds as much he would be to be sandwhiched between A-Rod and Cano in the batting order.

If having fun likes this directly correlates to Robbie actually being good this year, then he should continue to drink at hang out all night. He is on my fantasy team.

Damn Robbie, boy gotta an icey wrist, too cold to melt.

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