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For the Wilpons, Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Dear Mr. and Mr. Wilpon,


Enough is enough already.  We Mets fans understand that, at one time, you had enough money to bring this team back from the abyss.  You brought in Pedro Martinez, which led to the signing of Beltran, which, combined with the promotions of Wright and Reyes, had all the makings of a Championship team come 2006.  We all know how that story ended.  The truth is, not a damn thing has happened since then.  Unfortunately the future is just as dim as the recent past has been.  But now, you (and only you) have the power to change that.


We all know you have some trouble placing blame where it belongs.  Willie Randolph wasn't immediately held accountable for the 2007 collapse.  Instead, you waited for another eight months to let him go.  Eight months—and probably a couple of hours into the night—too late.  You didn't immediately hold Jerry Manuel accountable for his shortcomings either.  The Mets collapsed again in 2008, and grossly underperformed in 2009 and 2010, injuries notwithstanding.  But Jerry wasn't fired until October 2010—two years too late.  And of course it was most difficult for you to point blame at your right-hand man, the one and only Omar Minaya.  We called for his head as early as 2007. Then again in 2008.  Then again in 2009 and 2010.  It was then, and only then, that you finally held Minaya accountable.  Although I am sure if there were any feasible way to have kept him managing this team you would have, because you place pride and personal relationships above the well-being of this baseball team, and thus well above the emotional well-being of its fans.


Now that the truth has come out, it's time to go.  You've been exposed.  The fingers have pointed every other way, and now it's time they point back at yourselves.  Hold yourselves accountable before its 10 years too late.  Before this franchise becomes a laughing stock and re-enters the abyss, where it arguably already is.


We've heard the lines: everything from wanting to keep the team in the family to baseball being in "your blood."  Well what you want and what you can actually achieve are two wildly different things.  Maybe it hasn't yet sunk in that millions of dollars of Madoff "profits" were FICTITIOUS. As in, THE MILLIONS DO NOT EXIST.


Quite frankly I wish I were your attorney, because then maybe I'd be making enough money off you to purchase the Mets myself.  I've read the court papers. Have you? We know you, your families, and business entities had an extremely close relationship to Madoff and his minions.  This close relationship allowed you to have more insight and more raw knowledge of Madoff's willful, deliberate fraud than even the SEC could have uncovered.  You'll never convince anyone that you didn't "know or should have known" what was truly going on.  This case isn't going to trial, but if it did, that's more billable hours for your defense attorney.  I'm sure he's already billed you hundreds of thousands of dollars just for his mere motion to dismiss.  I'm sure you also realize that when this case settles out of court, it's settling for a lot of money.  Come to think of it, "a lot" doesn't begin to quantify just how much money will be coming out of your pockets.  The money you had to eat by releasing Ollie & Castillo will seem like an appetizer once the legal system is done with you.  It is time that you digest this reality.


It seems as if you're starting to realize how dire your situation really is.  But did you really think you'd find someone to invest nearly 300 million dollars into the Mets to own only a minority stake without having any control over the team whatsoever?  This logic must have been the same logic behind keeping Omar Minaya at the helm for so long.  We realize you are desperately clutching onto this team for dear life, but it's time to let go.  For your family, for the fans, for the good of the team.  Stop selfishly making us suffer so that you can retain your pride.  It's over, Jeff and Fred, and it's about time you come to grips with that.



Disgruntled Mets fans

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