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It's SO Trendy to Hate the Jets in 2012

This will be the first article on this site in about four months. I apologize for the few random folks out there that might actually give a shit. The reason why you walked into cobwebs when you stepped in here was NOT because I don't care about my teams, but rather because I'm cheating on NYsportSpace with a newer, sexier, and more profitable music site called, Audiomack. You should totally check that bitch out when you get a free second. 

I've noticed a trend as the preseason's been winding down, and like Pet Rock's or Ed Hardy tees, the idiots have been gobbling it up. It's SO TRENDY to hate the Jets this season. Everyone who isn't a Jets fan has already assumed that The Jets have gone 4-12 and the season is kaput. The American consensus is that this team will be pitifully inept. Even contrarian-obsessed hipsters think the Jets are going to blow. The Jets might as well just end the season now because their chances of making noise are as good as a church mouse playing party bingo

Turn on ESPN and every talking head picks the Jets to go 'Under' 8.5 games this year while grinning and making a haughty comment about how Tebow will be starting by Week 5. Meanwhile, it was ESPN that collected the kindling, bought a case of Duraflame's, and added fuel to the Fireplace of Hate to begin with. It was the constant coverage of Tebow that ignited this wildfire. Most of us were exhausted with the Tebow media narrative before he was even on the team. Add that to most people's disdain for Rex Ryan's braggadocio, Fireman Ed's ALL CAPS TWEETS, and every other attention-whoring practice Woody Johnson cherishes and you have yourself a team everybody loves to despise. 

There is some substance behind everyone's Jets hate. The obvious being their offensive incompetence. The Jets haven't scored a TD in the first 3 preseason games. I GET IT. I'M WELL AWARE OF THIS STAT. We are clearly not eligible for the preseason playoffs that doesn't exist. So, what's reason why the Jets are so bad? The default answer is Mark Sanchez, everyone's favorite Mexican jumping bean punching bag.

The problem with blaming Sanchez is that he has actually looked GOOD this preseason. Notice I said 'GOOD' not perfect or reminiscent of Johnny Unitas. He's looked comfortable in the pocket and his throws have nice velocity and trajectory. The knock on Mark has always been his poor completion percentage and propensity for turnovers. His preseason completion percentage is 74%. NOT TOO SHABBY. Especially when considering that he's been without his Top 3 receivers AND was protected by a Matador for a right tackle. He also has only 2 interceptions and no fumbles so far and one of those INT's was a completion that slipped through the rookie Stephen Hill's hands.

I spoke with one of my buddies who is a die hard Dolphins fan and I asked him, "Is Tony Sporano known for calling vanilla plays in the preseason?" His answer was an unequivocal and resounding "YES", which comforted me a little bit. I had a sneaking suspicion that the play calling by the new Jets offensive coordinator was not typical of what would be called in an actual game that COUNTED. Would I prefer that the Jets score a touchdown? OF COURSE. But let's not judge a teams success based on preseason scoring, folks. Let's not forget the Detroit Lions went 4-0 in the preseason and then went on to lose ALL 16 regular season games.

Another reasonable reason to be down on the Jets is that GM Mike Tannenbaum has been quiet this offseason. His most notable acquisition has been Tim Tebow, which addresses no need except Woody Johnson's insatiable need to be on the back page of the Daily News and lead SportsCenter every day so he can subsequently get a hard-on without renewing his Viagra script. However, a need they did address was the lack of pass rushing. 1st Round pick Quinton Coples has looked raw, but effective in his limited time thus far. Also, Bart Scott lost 15 pounds and appears to be mush less shitty than last year. Watching him try to play linebacker last year was like watching the Mets try win baseball games at any point in the last 3 years.  Tanny signed DB's Laron Landry and Yeremiah Bell which addresses the inconsistent safety play from last year. If those two stay healthy, The Jets can have a top 3 defense this year. Put it in the books!

Now, don't misconstrue the positive attitude of this blog and assume I think the Jets are going to be Super Bowl contenders. This is not the case. The Jets still have many holes and concerns. Shonn Greene is as unspectacular as a running back as he is a fantasy draft selection. Even with Wayne Hunter being shipped out of town, the Right Tackle spot is still questionable. The Jets WR's are not frightening any other teams Secondary's. Tebow still blows and makes babies cry. But this team isn't very different then the ones that went to consecutive AFC title game. We still have a great head coach, defense, and special teams unit. It may not be the coolest thing in town to pee your pants over the 2012 Jets, but if it is, call me Miles Davis.

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