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Jets 5 Keys to Victory Over the Bengals - Wild Card Weekend

It may have been a series of fortuitous circumstances for the Jets to even be playing this weekend but no matter what the haters tell you - When you turn on the TV on Saturday at 4:30 EST Gang Green will be on the scene as a mean team equipped with a high self esteem and a coach whose dream is to posses the perfect scheme, Where Sanchez gleams by throwin' to Keller up the seam and after its all over Rex will eat nothing but ice cream, then break his pants seams 'cause if there's one thing that he DEFINITELY isn't, its lean. Know whadda mean? Here are the 5 Keys to Jets defeating the Cincinnati Bengals in Wild Card Weekend. I promise, no more whack white boy rhymes just things the Jets should do.

1) Two-Dimensional- The primary reason why the Bengals have a home playoff game this year as opposed to commencing their typical off season crime sprees is because of their improved defense. Besides the Packers, the Bengals are the only team in the NFL with a top 7 Pass and run defense. Jets O-coordinator Brian Schottenheimer must put Sanchez in situations early in the game so he can gain confidence while moving the chains with the #1 ranked NFL running game. Short WR Screens and play-action-to-Dustin Keller plays should be used to ensure that Sanchez throws primarily high percentage passes.

2) Don't Expect Vanilla Ice Cream- That's my second ice cream reference and were not even halfway through this article. You know what? Life just isn't fair sometimes so deal with it. You know what else isn't fair...for other AFC teams? The Jets facing a squad(s) that abstained from trying their darndest. What the Jets coaching staff CANNOT do is assume that the Bengals will call for any crappy, predictable play they did in Week 17. The Jets should look at the Bengals tapes from when they played the Ravens, as they are a very similar team to the Jets. The Ravens run, they have a young QB, and they rely solely on their defense to win games. It wouldn't be surprising for the Jets to expect a similar Bungles game plan coming their way

3) More like an Archipelago- Revis Island strands every #1 WR every week. We know this. But can Lito Sheppard do the same against the revenge-fueled Laverneus Coles? It's critical that he does so Rex Ryan and Bob Sutton can have more flexibility then Snooki on the dance floor when they are play calling. Putting an overrated Carson Palmer in uncomfortable situations will allow the Jets to play the style of game that gives them the best chance to win.

4) Counter Brad Smith- QB, RB, WR, and KR Brad Smith logged 95 rushing yards including a 32 yard touchdown last week. He was operating under an option style offense similar to the one he employed in 4 full years at the University of Missouri. I will tell you one thing (actually I'll tell you a lot of things, most of them incredibly stupid) Marvin Lewis and the Bengals defense will be ready to defend this strategy this time around. This is why it is crucial for the Jets to be cognizant of this and to counter it with some creative ways to keep the defense off balanced. Using a reverse or perhaps a "half back pass" will only fortify the chances the Bengals staying confused.

5) Harris Must Play- The Pro Bowl linebacker's status is uncertain (yet positive) after spraining his right ankle last weekend. The elevated Bengals defense is not the only reason why they have surprised people this year. RB Cedric Benson has also been a integral part of the Bengals success. "It starts with No. 32 and that's how it will go on Saturday," Chad Ochocinco Johnson said. Since Run Stopper Kris Jenkins went down and caused a minor earthquake (think literal), David Harris has made such a big difference for this team when containing the run. The bottom line is that if he can't be effective, we are stuck with Vernon Gholston and essentially F****d!

Prediction - Jets 16 Bengals 9

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Comment by IslesMetsGiants on January 9, 2010 at 12:29pm
Five stars for the use of Archipelago.

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