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RangersGal's 2012 Season In Review & Playoff Preview

I had many thoughts about this NY Rangers season and how they would fare in the playoffs. I felt the best way to convey my thoughts was to put it in a 'question and answer' format. YES, I am asking these questions and also answering them. Here goes!

So the Rangers’ regular season is over. On a scale of 1-10, how did they do?



Can you explain your rating?

Of course.  I was going to give them an 8.5 but I went with a 9 because they have far exceeded expectations for this year’s regular season.  They won their Division, came in first in the conference and pretty much beat every team you put in front of them.  Also, for the first time in a long time, you can see the guys actually play like a TEAM…something you definitely didn’t see in prior seasons. I think most people would agree in crediting a lot of that to Tortorella.  Most importantly though, they haven’t relied on Lundqvist as much as they have in the past. 


The regular season was great and their success is certainly not irrelevant, but it’s a brand new ball game come this Thursday.


Who was the team’s MVP?

Lundqvist.  Period.


MVP other than Hank?

That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say Gaborik.  He’s had a really great season.  Girardi comes in a close second.  Cally a close third.


Most irritating Ranger this season?

Michael Del Zotto.  I don’t know what the hell he pays attention to half the time.  He can make a few solid plays in row and then ruin it with one brainless, atrocious play that almost costs them the game.


So you don’t think he’s one of the team’s best defenseman?  Even though he’s put up good offensive numbers this season?

He plays defense??....could’ve fooled me.  No, I don’t.  Saying he is would imply he’s very good at playing DEFENSE, all the time.    


Season highlight?

Embarrassing the Flyers six straight times.  Anisimov’s shooting the goaltender move is also up there.   


Most hated team this season?

Truthfully, I hate everyone.  But the Penguins take the cake. The Flyers are a very close second. That team is truly a bunch of wild animals….and I’m pretty sure their entire roster has rabies, but the Rangers have owned them this season.  There’s not much to be angry with…a lot to laugh at though.  The Pens get under my skin like few things can and how can they not be my most hated with that whining pansy on their team.


And who exactly would that “whining pansy” be?

Gary Bettman’s golden diaper, Sidney Crosby.   “Best player in the world” or not, he’s a smug, whiny bitch.  Always has been, always will be.  To say I hate him would be a drastic understatement. 


What did you think of his comeback?

Which one?  There’s been a couple.  I’m losing track.



Honestly, I’m glad he’s back.  Mainly because I found myself sticking up for him and I didn’t like it.  I was also sick of the useless Crosby press conferences the Pens organization felt was necessary to waste people’s time with.  People were behaving as if Jesus was suiting up for the Pens and making his NHL debut in his first one.  He had 4 points his game back…against the Islanders. Yeah, congrats on putting up numbers against an AHL team, Sid.  The second only annoyed me because it was against the Rangers and the Rangers lost.  I prefer not to talk about Rangers losses to the Pens.


Do you think Crosby still wears diapers?

Most likely.  Realistically, there’s a greater than 50% chance he does.  He might have graduated to pull-ups only because he’s a big boy now and not living with Mario anymore…Haha.


 Any thoughts on the Broadway Hat?

I think it’s great for team bonding/building.  They recognize each other’s hard work and I like it.


Best dressed player?

Well, I don’t see him everyday… but I’m gonna go with Hank. 


Best hair?

Hank.  Maybe Hagelin.  Carl does have those flowing locks…


Best Torts post-game interview?

Easily last week’s against the Penguins for so many reasons.  Torts getting pissed at reporters (nothing new but always entertaining), and truthful Pens bashing makes for a stellar interview in my book. (Video of post game interview)


Thoughts on facing the Senators in the first round?

I think any team they would face would present problems.  I would have preferred Buffalo or Washington, but I think regardless of which team they faced they just need to stick to the game that has made them successful all season.  Hank has to be great and their defense has to be tight. 


What do they need to focus on/improve on for the playoffs?

The.  Power.  Play.  This has been a problem for them all season and will be their post season downfall if they can’t score consistently when they are given these kinds of opportunities. 


Flyers or Pens?

Isn’t there some way we get rid of both of them simultaneously??  I think it’s gonna go 7 games regardless, but I’m hoping for the Flyers based off how the Rangers have played against them all season.  I just admitted to rooting for the Flyers….now I feel like I need to shower.


Devils or Panthers?



Bruins or Capitals?



Eastern conference dark horse?



Western conference dark horse?



Where do the Rangers finish this post season?

Not saying.  Don’t want to jinx them. 


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