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The Story Behind the MSG / Time Warner Cable Dispute

After tolerating ten years of lousy Knicks basketball and enduring strenuous NBA lockout dysentery, the Knicks are about to embark on an exhillerating season with championship aspirations.


However, our patience may not be rewarded as many Knicks fans who rely on Time Warner Cable to carry the MSG and MSG HD channels, may be faced with a black screen next time they turn on channel 727. On January 1st, MSG may not be available on Time Warner Cable anymore.


As someone who has been dealing with both of these companies for a long time, I can confidently say that BOTH are horseshit organizations that consistently screw over their customers in order to support agendas driven by monopolistic visions and exorbitant greed.  


Both sides are claiming they are right, obviously. MSG is trying to make Time Warner look like a "bad guy" while Time Warner fudges the numbers behind MSG's proposed deal to make it look like they are victims. 


I read and watched both of their deplorable propaganda attempts and this is how I interpret it. 


Here is the FAQ section of TIME WARNER's (TW) response to the MSG's demands. They claim that MSG has asked for 53% price increase. They also claim that MSG is demanding that they carry their shitty FUSE Music channel. I'm sure the 53% increase includes their Fuse channel demands. The actual MSG price increase is reasonable since they also claim that they agreed to the "original price demands". Time Warner is so expensive and when I open up one of their bills, I violently vomit everywhere and it unfairly disturbs my cat. Plus my cleaning supply costs increase as a result of this. Time Warner on Friday dropped Fuse which probably preempted MSG's slander campaign. If TW genuinely wanted to get a deal done then this probably wasn't the best negotiating tactic.

MSG's propoganda included numerous updates during the Knicks - Nets Preseason game plus a dedicated website (pathetic) called KeepMSG.com. They proclaim that "Time Warner is threatening to shut us down". Its alarmingly transparent that they are trying to build a public case to put pressure on TW and build negotiating leverage. On that KeepMSG website, they also provide a tool to help locate other cable/satellite stations that carry MSG. As a prideful, ethical business man, this is such a nefarious, unethical way to conduct business. TW is YOUR CUSTOMER. They PAY YOU MONEY and you're encouraging people to leave them. #SMH


I would 100% try to switch cable providers if it was feasible, but unfortunately, it's not here in NYC. You don't have an option to switch to RCN here in the Gramercy section of Manhattan. Perhaps I could get Direct TV but then I still need internet and now I have two different bills to pay plus you get poor reception in inclement weather.  


The bottom line is that these two horseshit companies better resolve their differences before NY Knicks and Rangers fans riot in midtown. Knicks fans have waited TOO LONG for this season. Not too mention the Rangers having a renaissance and a surge in popularity. Once a deal is made, you can count on one thing, the people who end up paying for it are the same ones who'll be screwed if negotiations fail to occur. 


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