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"TWO MEN BLITZED" - New Sports/Comedy Podcast Premieres

Hey, kids! Remember me! I was supposed to contribute all sorts of funny stuff to this site waaaaaaaaay back in the summer, but got caught up in the minutiae of trying to get settled in a new city, run a comedy festival, and try and get some sort of career going.

And going the career has gotten! Me and my fellow sports fan/comedian friend Matt Kelly are launching a new weekly podcast called "TWO MEN BLITZED" where we'll riff on the day's sports news and whatever the hell else crawls into our wacky li'l brains. The first episode is up now for your listening pleasure/horror. Give it a try, tell your friends, play it at your Super Bowl parties.

Also, the above painting "JPP Sacks Romo" was done by me and IS for sale. Buy it. Or find someone who will. Thanks.

Listen to the PREMIERE episode of "TWO MEN BLITZED" RIGHT HERE!!!

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Comment by NYsportsGUY on February 3, 2012 at 11:26am

This might be my fav painting yet, Craig.

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