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Is it possible to look better than the Jets did vs. the Bills on Sunday? The Jets were whooping more ass than a detention supervisor from 1920's. So much that people on Twitter were accusing Rex of running up the score. This ain't high school football folks, teams get their ass kicked up here in the pros.

After the Jets were 2 points shy of beating the Ravens in Week 1, all the pundits, talking heads, and "experts," took the opportunity to jump off the Jets bandwagon and start bashing the team for being brash and talking too highly of themselves. One Mexican reporter and a bad drunken the decision later the team was OUTTA CONTROL!

Its quiet out there in hater land now isn't it? Gang Green goes on to beat their entire division and in a convincing manner. Now the bandwagon is full again and it looks to get even more crowded as a Pro Bowl caliber LB in Pace, self-proclaimed best corner in the league in Revis, and a Super Bowl MVP in Santonio Holmes, set to return to the gridiron in Week 5.

Any weakness the Jets had in the first quarter of the season will be addressed by these additions. Covering tight ends and sealing off the running edges? Pace got that. CHECK. Cover corner capable of being left on his own island so the blitzes can be more effective? CHECK. A deep threat on offense that streches the opposing defense out therefore enhances the run game. CHECK.

There is still a minimum of 12 games left so of course nothing is set in stone. I'm not saying the Jets have won the Super Bowl people so stop accusing me and other Jets fans of that. NO ONE has said that. All were saying is that we are capable of beating any team at any given Sunday the way we are playing right now. And THAT, my hater freinds, is NOT arguable.

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